Austin, Texas based songwriter Vanessa Lively creates an eclectic blend of folk & world music that beautifully join heartfelt lyrics with soulful vocals. Drawing on a compelling mix of tempos and styles that embrace hints of urban, world, Latin, funk and pop, Lively’s songs fully capture her compassionate nature and love of community. Margaret Moser of The Austin Chronicle describes Vanessa’s music as “folk music on fire with worldly rhythms and a Latin pulse.” Lively was named one of the Top 10 Artists of the Year by KUNC in Colorado and one of the Top 12 Artists of the Year by Where The Birds Fly in Germany. “Austin’s Vanessa Lively is a true multidiscipline artist. She’s a singer, songwriter, musician and painter with a do-it-yourself attitude and a compassionate spirit.” – Mario Tarradell, The Dallas Morning News


”Vanessa Lively shows how universal the language of music really is and how people all over the world can unite in solidarity, harmony and pleasure, regardless of their individual origin or race.”   – Rootstime (Belgium)

“There is indeed a considerable degree of inner peace, poetry, hope and philosophical reflection in the songs.”   – Martin Overheul, Altcountryforum.nl (Netherlands)

“Vanessa and her music embody the traditions of great Cactus performers past and present while bringing her own flair for world, folk and pop styles to our stage.”   – Matt Muñoz, The Cactus Cafe (Austin, TX)



To see Vanessa’s fine art: http://vanessalively.com/art/