From the recording Truth Is

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Vanessa Lively: vocal, acoustic guitar / Andre: electric guitars / Katie Marie: drums, percussion, bass / Nicolette Good: background vocal


“Golden Treasure”

I am a muse rising sweetly
Growing beside the daughters of love
Freedom flies around me like geese, like a dove
No longer buried in the sand, I send out my branches
For the birds to land
See the goose and gander
I release my fear and anger

I quell my rage with the golden treasure
It scatters out like doves in the spring
I let the raven tell my fortune
I hear them caw and sing

I drink some wine while the earth’s on fire
Write a song as the hail comes down
Take my hand and dine here
I will bring you rose and wine dear

Providence will be my home
All the doves will carry my song
I won’t hide deep in the sand
I’ll speak the truth and ride on the wind