1. Crumbling Down

From the recording Truth Is

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Vanessa Lively: vocal, acoustic guitar / Andre: acoustic and electric guitars / Katie Marie: drums, percussion, bass / Nicolette Good: background vocal


“Crumbling Down"

Been awake at 3am so many nights
Alarms sound in my body - the fight or flight
I clench a rosary to quiet the mind
You’re lying in my bed but I can’t find you

This fire, this flame is rising inside
I can’t hold it down
Is this what it feels like
When the walls come crumbling down?
Is this what you’ll be like
Each time I stand my ground?
I’m drawing a line. I’m not backing down.

Lighting pulls me down, wraps itself around me
Ignites a storm within so I can see
I lie awake at night, heart beating loudly
My sorrow from your silence echoes through the house