1. I Am a Skylark

From the recording Truth Is

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Vanessa Lively: vocal, acoustic guitar / Dirje Childs: cello / Mark Hallman: ukulele bass / Andre Moran: electric guitars


“I Am a Skylark”

You are farther from me now
I’ve been armed, oppressed
Mine is the torn sky
Is it fortune telling me these faults?
I stand here cast aside
I’ve come out of hell - sticky like summer
A crystal haze of lovers
My trap was dark, the stars foreboding
You and me are falling

I have raised myself up from this dark fortress
I was barren like a dying sinner
You like me were in hell - vile, elusive, yet vindicated
The walls came falling down
Only silence was left for sound
Light broke through, my heart broke too
Forgiveness like the summer sun

To you out there feeling alone
I say to you ‘hum your song’
Give to me this long awaited belief
My loneliness sparkles while you create a home
For I am a skylark, these calls are my song

Oh my body, the divine femenine gutted
Longing for kindness, for you to feed me
Making out of the clutter someone I created
Someone I had sown within my dreams
This jungle is veiled but doves see through to the harvest
A feast awaiting, here for the giving
I was lost within these sands, but I have run faster than flying