Whoa, 2015! You came in with quite a BANG!

Well friends, my New Year started out quite differently than most! I was on my way to play a New Year’s Day show at Radio Coffee in South Austin, where I was excited to share the stage with many friends & welcome 2015 with open arms…but sadly, two young fellows blew through a solid red light at a very fast speed and our cars collided, all in a split second. It was surreal and shocking, but I was so incredibly grateful that everyone involved was okay. The cars didn’t make it, but all people were alive and well – just banged up a bit. So these past days I have been healing up and taking it very easy. I can’t stress enough how very grateful I was to walk away from this and go back home to hug my husband and my little baby boy. Things like this really make you stop and appreciate life and not take it for granted. Oh, and I am feeling better & better every day! I should be fully recovered in just a couple of weeks.And coming soon…Return to Waves CD Release party FINALLY!

In happier news, I am so excited to celebrate the release of Return to Waves after all this time. CDs are on their way out to radio and such, and the band has been jamming in preparation for the fun event. It has been a blast playing these songs. If you are in the area & would like to join us for the Austin show, come out to Strange Brew Loungeside on Sunday February 8th at 6pm. More details on the show coming soon!

Also, another great album review just came in from Europe for Return to Waves! You can read it here:

I hope you all have a beautiful year ahead of you. Happy 2015!

With Love & Gratitude,