We are going to Europe today!

…and off we fly!

Hello friends,

We are heading out on a plane today to go to Europe. Jason and I are really excited to see some familiar faces and also meet many new ones! This tour is going to be a lot of fun, and also a whirlwind. We have show after show zig-zagging across Belgium, The Netherlands & Germany for almost three weeks straight. It will be a wild adventure…and we’ll also hop over to Spain for a few days of paella eating & seaside lounging!

Uncovering Stones (US Version) is sold out!

We have completely run out of copies of our last album Uncovering Stones. We will have download cards available from here on out for a while in lieu of reprinting the physical CDs. Also, CD Baby still has a few in stock, so those will still be available.

I am hoping to get back into the studio for another album later this year, so we will have that in hand sometime in the near future…but don’t worry, if you are in Europe, you are in luck! We have plenty of European copies to go around and will have them with us at all our upcoming shows.

I hope that you have a wonderful September…