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Return to Waves

Vanessa’s latest record is now available! Full lyrics available on Bandcamp. Return to Waves was recorded over the course of 4 months, during which Vanessa was pregnant with her first child. Produced by Paul Curreri, this album is unlike anything Vanessa has created. With funky electric guitar rhythms and catchy melodies, the strong lyrics create a tapestry of sound and sense leaving the listener wanting more.

Vanessa Lively: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Paul Curreri: Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonies
& Vocal Arrangements
Devon Sproule: Harmonies
Andrew Pressman: Bass
Matthew Shepherd: Drums

Produced & mixed by Paul Curreri

Recorded by Paul Curreri & Jason Lively at Casa Animada and by Paul Curreri at The Sewing Room (Austin, TX)

Mastered by Matt Shultz at Satellite Studio (Austin, TX)