HAAM Benefit Day 2011 & My 31st Birthday!

Lovely October is here!!
The weather has finally started to cool off for us in Texas. I was actually shivering outside the other day as I sat in my green sundress and ate my healthy breakfast of gelato and coffee at Whole Foods! This past Tuesday was HAAM Benefit Day here in Austin…it is a day where musical acts are happening around the clock, businesses participate in donating a portion of their proceeds to the organization for that day & lots of fun activities are happening. HAAM, which stands for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, is what provides many of us musical artists with health & dental care. It is a private organization and makes most of its money on this day for the year…you can read more about it at www.myhaam.org

On Saturday I celebrated my 31st Birthday!! I was at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference, so I had 200 voices in perfect harmony singing me the Happy Birthday song. It was a very special day and many people helped to make it that! I am looking forward to this next exciting year of life…

I have some shows around the Texas area this month, but there is one show that everyone can tune in to no matter where you are. We have a new online radio station here in Austin that has a “Live at Lunch” series which is a performance and interview. You can watch the video as it happens or just tune in to listen to the radio on your computer. This will happen on Wednesday October 26th at noon. I’ll be in the studio with fellow artists Gina Chavez and Cheryl Murdock and we will be talking about the Austin Women’s Conference that will be happening the following week. We’ll all be performing there as well.

Tune in to www.austin360Radio.com to watch & listen!

I also discovered a neat tidbit of information…every single track from my new record is getting airplay on radio stations both nationally & internationally! I love that so much!! I have been continuing to receive positive feedback via blogs, magazines, radio DJs and more for Uncovering Stones. Texas Music Magazine wrote about the album and will also be publishing a full review in the next issue.

Oh and one more thing…I just found out that a blog based out of Florida called El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso awarded me the AG Award for Texas Singer-Songwriter for the 21st Century! I am so grateful for all of the positive response and encouragement I am getting from all directions right now.

Have a great evening & a wonderful rest of your week!!

See you soon,


Uncovering Stones is now available to listen to for free on Spotify, so if you are signed up for that, go check it out if you haven’t heard it yet!