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“Vanessa and her music embody the traditions of great Cactus performers past and present while bringing her own flair for world, folk and pop styles to our stage.” — Matt Muñoz, manager/booking agent – The Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX

“Vanessa Lively gave the most passionate performance of a song I have ever seen.” – Matt Peyton, No Depression

Notable Venues Played

The Cactus Cafe – Austin, Texas (USA)
The Kessler Theatre – Dallas, Texas (USA)
The Green Note – London, England (UK)
The Railway – Greenfield, England (UK)
Momo’s Club – Austin, Texas (USA)
Silver Moon Brewery – Bend, Oregon (USA)
Googie’s Lounge – New York City, New York (USA)
Swallow Hill – Denver, Colorado (USA)
CHAPEL FOLK concerts – Tilburg, NL (EUROPE)
Copenhagen Songwriters Festival – Copenhagen, DK (EUROPE)
Saxon Pub – Austin, Texas (USA)
Grolsch Song Night – Osnabrueck, DE (EUROPE)
Last Minute Folk Concert Series – Topeka, KS (USA)

Career Highlights

• Vanessa Lively was named one of the Best Artists of 2011 by KUNC
• Uncovering Stones was named one of the Top 10 Albums of the year by KUNC
• Vanessa is the featured Artist in Alternate Root Magazine (Aug. 2011)
• “Digging Up Dirt” is featured twice on NPR’s EarthSky
• Every single track from Uncovering Stones received airplay on stations worldwide
• Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaims December 17th as “Vanessa Lively Day” in Austin, TX
• Humane Society features “The Only Day There Is” on their website
• United Mine Workers of America features Vanessa’s song “For the Miners” on their website


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Artist and songwriter Vanessa Lively celebrates the mystery and joy of motherhood with Return to Waves, a new record of folk, world, and soft soul. Producer Paul Curreri introduces an ethereal mood to Lively’s organic sound. Synthesizers swell in Sade-esque waves around LIvely’s breathy voice. Simple songs of love and growth are given a shade of mystery. Curreri and wife Devon Sproule lend subtle and unusual harmonies.

Following a 2012 release with Continental Records (formerly Rounder Europe), Vanessa Lively has established a regular presence in Europe. At home in Austin, TX, Lively moves between community and family life, music and touring, and painting (her work is featured on the cover of Return to Waves). She was recently named one of the Top 10 Artist of the Year by KUNC in Colorado. Mario Tarradell of The Dallas Morning News writes, “Vanessa Lively is a true multidiscipline artist. She’s a singer, songwriter, musician and painter with a do-it-yourself attitude and a compassionate spirit.”

Music Description

Vanessa Lively’s eclectic blend of folk music beautifully joins heartfelt lyrics & soulful vocals. With a compelling mix of tempos and styles that embrace hints of urban, world, Latin, funk and pop, Lively’s songs fully capture her compassionate nature and love of community.

Vanessa Lively performs solo as well as with a full band when requested.
She is available for private events, weddings and house concerts.